My ex signed custody papers stating I was unfit and also requesting an ex parte order stating that I should be ordered not to remove the child from ex’s custody.

Problem is ex has never seen the child except in pictures I willingly sent, let alone physical had the child. The lies in the pleading are aggravating to say the least, but are purposely twisted to suite ex’s agenda of pushing this through court quicker then the statutes allow if a person DOESN’T lie.

Here’s my issue, I am on the verge of losing a new job with the USPS because I will not be able to attend the orientation due to a court hearing being set before my 30 day answer time was up, also as you know due to the ex parte garbage.

This is something that will better our lives in ways I could have only hoped for so…

IF I lose this job and prove to the judge that the pleadings are full of twisted half truths and blatant lies and show the ex’s threats of what would be done if I ever filed for CS. Would I have any luck requesting sanctions???

You may request that the judge impose sanctions based on the lies in the Complaint.

Thank You! I intend to then. It is NOT the ex’s attorney, she is willing to put it off for my orientation, the ex on the other hand is refusing. So it’s him we’ll go after.

Good luck, I wish you all the best.