Draft of custody order question

once the rough draft of a custody order has been reviewed by client and given back to their attorney to work towards making changes to what wasnt right or disagreed upon, is the client legally entitled to see the revised draft and to sign it before its sent to the judge to be signed?

You should ask to see the proposed order before it is submitted.

it was sent in to the judge without knowledge. judge has already signed it without my seeing it before it went to the judge. i never got to see the revised draft of the order that was to be sent to the judge. i got a rough draft, went through it, noted my own corrections/additions that was to be put in on a separate piece of paper, handed that to my attorney…didnt see anything at all beyond that until i got the final signed order from the judge. is it standard practice for me to not see what my attorney had ready to take to the judge? was i legally supposed to see it…or sign anything…stating that i have seen and agreed to the revised order…before it was sent to the judge?