Contacting workplace

Can it be held negatively against me by the judge if I contact my ex military command because he will not comply with the consent order? The order states that he is to signed whatever paperwork is required to sell my house. He is also required to get his truck out of my name. Well we don’t have court for another month and being that the consent order does not give a specific date as to when he must provide those documents or have the truck out of my name , it has been almost 2 months. He continues to tell me his attorney is working on it but I ask for a POA and I know it doesn’t take two months to have a POA drawn up. I contacted his command so they could talk with his command and have him hurry the paperwork along before I face foreclosure or have more financial problems. I have lost 4 sales on my home because he will not provide the paperwork. He goes on to tell me that he has talked to his attorney and I will be held responsible for calling his place of work by the judge because his attorney is working on it. We have a ED hearing and at that time they plan to address my calling his workplace. I will also be filing a contempt order with the court but I am out of town right now.

I cannot predict how a judge will react to your calling your ex’s place of work.