Contempt hearing


I had a hearing this week where I brought contempt charges against my ex for with holding visitation and blocking phone calls to my minor children. She was found to be in willful contempt on all of the charges, and the Judge gave her conditions to purge the contempt in lue of being taken into custody.

While awaiting the courts contempt order to be printed and signed by the Judge my ex violated the permanent custody order by texting my minor children and telling them they have to go with me or she would go to jail. Also she sent them evidence of her making Perjurious testimony in the contempt hearing. The phone she texted to is in my name and I provide it for my children as my means of contact with them. I have copies of the messages sent and photos of the texts on the phone, they show a time stamp that proves they were sent while we were in the court room. Another purge that was ordered was for me to get the minor children by 2PM on the day of the hearing, and she would not answer my calls or texts until 2:00PM about the location of the children and I was not able to get them until 2:30PM.

My question is how do i inform the Judge that she has ignored her order to purge herself of the contempt. She has also violated the order in a manner not addressed in the hearing. DO I file another motion to show cause to cover the new violation not following the purges given by the judge?


Yes, to bring her back before the judge you will need to file another motion.