Contempt of cout

I am finding that being in Contempt of Court doesn’t seem to mean much at all. My ex has continually
violated orders and been in Contempt so many times that you would think he would be in jail. Because
he is a business owner (yes, I was told this) he is not sent to jail. He simply gets a slap on the wrist
and a little fine(which he pays thru the company, alont with his attorney fees). I no longer feel as though
I should follow court orders either. If I want to do something, why not just do it and pay the little fee that
is ordered. Then, I at least get the outcome on the situation that I am looking for. I have simply had it
with the NC laws and the system. As long as you have some cash, you can do whatever it is that you feel
like. I find this to be insane! How is this Contempt really viewed. Since he has violated orders so often, what
does this really mean for me. There have been several he has violated that have not even made it into court.
As you know, if you wait til the day before court and produce, it does not count. Although, it cost me a ton of
money with my atty, time, etc.

I understand your frustration, but I cannot advise you to violate a court order, and without a full understanding of your case (which is not appropriate through the forum) I cannot answer your questions as to why the court is ruling the way it is.