Court order situation


I just have a question. Back in 2007 my x husband left and we drew up a divorce court ordered agreement. He had stopped paying and I’ve had it in the court system for going on 2 yrs. I was told at the time if I had it as a court order and he stopped paying there would be a more immediate action, which has not been the case. There is a possibility that I may have another agreement written if we settle out of court. My question is that how can it be worded or what legal verbage do I need in the event he decides not to follow it to protect myself. Can I have worded if he doesn’t pay he will go directly to jail… ?
Thanks in advance,
wit wat


If your ex is in violation of the court order you must make a motion to have him held in contempt, you cannot agree to have someone sent to jail. A court must find that someone is willfully violating a court order before they will be held in contempt, even then there is no guarantee the judge will send that person to jail.