NC Contempt of Court affecting out of state res

Dear Sam:

Well, I have some bad news for you. First, if you signed an agreement, your X can file for a breach of contract. If you signed an order, your X can obtain a Motion to Show Cause and if you do not show up to defend why you have not paid, she can obtain an order for your arrest. The court can have you arrested where you live, including any other state in the United States (and probably Puerto Rico too, although I don’t know that for sure).

If you believe that you signed a document under duress, deal with that directly by filing litigation. Otherwise, my advice is to live up to the agreement you signed to avoid further hurt, pain, and legal expenses in the future. Best of luck!

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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Hello, My ex used some embarassing information in the beginnings of our separation proceedings to (dare I use the word) blackmail me into agreeing to pay certain monies as a form of support. There are no children involved resultant of our union or that of previous ones. I do not feel I am responsible to her financially in any way and truly cannot afford the additional expense even if I WERE somehow responsible. The debt is all in her name and I am not on any of the accounts. However, She had caused extreme emotional anguish in the less than year and a half we were married and was very controlling. For personal convienence and emotional stabiliy, I have moved to another state to completely detach myself from her and those dark memories. I have been informed by reliable personal sources that she is now trying to obtain a civil contempt of court judgement in an effort to force me to give her monies. I would like to know how that may affect me as I no longer live in NC? And if not a present effect, what long-term effects could it have if I do nothing? Thanks.