Contempt Order

My Ex has violated A contempt order again within 2 days of it being entered by the court. Thia time for not having my minor children call me at the appointed time on Thursday evening. She was supposed to call at 7PM however I did not speak to them until 8:30PM I realize this is a minor discrepancy but it is a long standing pattern of not following court orders. The usual progression is she will call late then progress to not calling at all and withhold all access to my children.

The Order states that she is to dial the phone for my girls to speak to me at 7PM. This was the means of her purging herself of contempt, having not done so she is supposed to turn herself in to the Wake County Sheriff at on Dec 17th.

How do I bring this to the attention of the Judge…do I file another motion and wait till March of 2011 to have this heard?

Yes, you will have to file another motion.

thank you for your reply, I spoke to the clerk and they told me to file a blank motion to have her arrested, my question is how long will they keep someone in Jail for violation of a contempt order. I ask because I need to make arrangements for the care of my children.

It is up to the judge.