Contempt / Prayer for releif


Dear Disbelief:


  1. File a motion to show cause, ask for fines, jail time, and attorney fees, but most of all for her to do what the judge says in the order.

  2. No, that is not likely to happen

  3. I am not clear on this question. She is violating an order, not the law. Thank you.

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My Ex must sign a quick claim deed for the home agreed upon in the Consent for ED.
I have requested this be completed verbally 15 or more times since Dec.

I have provided the documents via regular mail
I have provided the documents via certified mail and she refuses to accept them.
I provided the documents on her “New” address doorstep she states she has not recieved them.

Communication is only via voice mail and letters now including with the child with no response

And I really have no Idea where she is, Of Course she complained abuse against me and she is scared of me dependant and all the above with very good results without any eveidence ever presented to the courts.

So her is my ?

  1. what releif may I ask the court for in this situation?

  2. Can I ask for the entire agreement to be vacated in a contempt motion?

  3. What laws would be violated in this type of situation?

Thanks again Disbelief

Disbelief in the system