I have been charged with contempt of court for breaking a consent order. I did not break the order and feel good about representing myself. I was told by the opposing attorney that she is going to ask for jail time. (I have a clean record, no DUI, no criminal background, no drugs, DV or DMV charges). If I lose and I give notice of appeal, do I serve jail time while my case is in the appellate process, or do I avoid jail time while my case is being moved to the Appellate court.

If you are found to be in contempt the judge can impose a jail sentence immediately, for civil contempt you will be given the opportunity to be released if you purge the contempt. If you are facing a criminal contempt charge I suggest you ask the court to appoint an attorney for you.

What does “purge” mean?

Redress the issue for which you are being held in contempt. For example if it is for unpaid support, payment of the amount owed would purge the contempt.