My court case is scheduled for October 14. I tried to get all motions heard on last court date of October 4 when I had to go for a contempt hearing; however, my ex’s attorney requested October 14. This is actually our son’s birthdate, and now my ex has been sending emails about plans for his birthday. Our son attends school now and the order stated previously that we would each have him for half a day on his birthday (when we had joint custody). I am in the process of getting the custody order straightened out for when school started which ex’s attorney typed up incorrectly.

My question is: Can my ex have the court case continued since it falls on my son’s birthday or is that even a reason to consider. I know my ex and attorney will do anything to prolong this case and I am just making sure I know what are acceptable reasons for a judge to consider continuing a case.

A child’s birthday is not a reason for a continuance.