Cost and what's involved to modify cs

Background: my fiance’s cs is based on when his ex did not work at all and he worked 2 full time and I part time job.

Now: fiance works one full time job on salary with very demanding hours and ex works full time as a manager at a drug store. They make very close to the same amount and ex may make a bit more. Fiance and I have a baby boy together now too. And currently his cs order uses up over a 1/3 of the monthly income.

Can we file to modify based on all the changes? What is the cost to file to modify? Can it be successful if done pro se? We sure can’t afford a lawyer, we are over drawn every month to get groceries, pay bills and put gas in car due to cs as it is. The case is in wake county. Thanks.

Based on what you have shared, specifically with your fiance’s ex’s drastic change in income since the original order was issued, a modification of child support is appropriate. You can represent yourself pro se, the filing fee in district court is $150.