Couple Questions about after a custody trial


I was found in civil contempt. Do I have to put that on job application?
I was court ordered to attorney fees but can’t pay them (no fine for contempt for fear I could not pay) what are the consequences for filing Bankruptcy on them. Can his attorney come after me still? He was recording me and his attorney used it in court. I did not know I was being recorded at all, can I sue him for that, and now all I can think about is this court stuff I can’t sleep, he lied several times and I keep waking up at night with what I should have done or said can I sue him for emotional distress as well. Can I appeal what the judge decided since it is not in the Best interest of the minor child?


unfrotunately north carolina is a state where one partyc an record the other without their consent, at least that’s what i have researched.

i am not sure about this - but i think the contempt charge only stays within the court file, not a “public record file” - not sure just taking a wildguess


Civil contempt is not a criminal matter and therefore does not have to be listed on a job application unless the application specifically inquires into civil contempt issues.
I do not practice in the area of bankruptcy and therefore I would suggest you speak to attorney practicing in that area with regard to whether or not attorney’s fees can be discharged in bankruptcy.
As for the recording, NC is a one party consent state meaning so long as one party (even the one recording the call) knows of the recordation, it is legal, and admissible in court.