Court day

Hi…I have been through all my steps and I am awaiting my court day. I went once before and forgot to submit the service. So, I had to turn in the green signed registered mail card and reschedule. My question is this: when I went the first time I got on the stand and the judge asked me to talk about something. I can’t remember her exact words but I am guessing she wanted me to give the reason for the divorce?? Am I correct in assuming that is what she wanted? I never got to answer because she realized my service was not in the file and told me to come back. So, can you tell me how to answer or what she was looking for? and if it was that she wanted a reason, do I tell her the entire history? It’s a very simple divorce…no kids, no alimony, no splitting of any properties…just a divorce with no strings attached (I know that sounds crazy but it’s true).

Did your stbx not sign the papers then? That would be the only reason necessary, I think, for either of you to have to go before a judge…
If that is, in fact, what you were on the stand for, I would say that you wouldn’t need to go into detail. Normally, I don’t think these take very long. You should just have to confirm that your divorce complaint is correct on the date of marriage and separation and that there is nothing left to resolve.

Answer the questions asked truthfully. The judge will likely ask you the date your were married, the date you separated, and if you have been separate for over a year, and at no time during your separation did you resume the marital relationship. You do not have to state the reason for your wanting a divorce.