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Yes, your spouse’s lawyer does have the right to submit her version of the order, however, it is not likely the Judge will incorporate the changes that were not part of the order.

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Hearing is over and the judge emailed my atty with the judgement (PSS and Child support) and asked him to put it in the form of an order. He did this and Husbands atty also sent the judge “her” version of the court order. The amount that my husband gave to me to support the family from Jan - June was to be counted as child support and since the amount was less than the child support the judge ordered from Jan - June he had to pay back pay. I testified in court the amount he gave the family during that time. In his lawyer’s version of the court order she included a check for 5K that he gave me as my share of the tax return (he did this so I would file jointly with him) I feel that was unfair for him to say that was money he gave the family as it was not, it was MY share of the tax return.
Also starting in July the child support is a different number as our oldest just graduated from high school. Now spouse only has to pay for 3 children. His lawyer’s version of the court order divides this amount into 3 and says this is the amount for each child. Judge’s email did not state it that way. My lawyer’s version of the order says husband is to pay a certain amount of support until order is modified.

Did his lawyer have a right to submit her version of the order when the judge asked my atty to prepare the order, which he did and which states the truth about the amount he paid the house?