Court Ordered Mediation

I had filed a Show Cause Motion against my son’s father. We both are scheduled to attend Court Ordered Mediation very soon. My son’s father had emailed me back stating that he is unable to attend the Court Ordered Mediation Session due to Work Obligations.

The date that the person in the Mediation Office has scheduled it for is inconvenient for me as well. But I am able to rearranged my work schedule around so I can be able to attend this court ordered Mediation Session and my son’s father should be able to do the same.

So since he is stating that he is not going because of work, How can I impose sanctions or contempt of court because he had failed to attend Mediation? Does the Mediator has to report to the court that he did not attend court ordered mediation when the time comes?? Or do I have to file another form of some sort?

You can ask the court for a new date, that works for both of you. Or, if you are able to go, you can, and the court can decide how to handle his absence.