Court Ordered Mediation

A couple months ago , my STBX and I had our court ordered mediation group meeting to attend. He did not show up and I did. They told me that they could not schedule our mandatory mediation date until he attends. It’s two months later and I have heard nothing. Does everything get stalled until he attends this? What if he never attends?

The court will impose a fine, and order that he does attend. You should think about filing a motion for contempt of a court order.

So I would have to file the motion for contempt? Wouldnt’ the court do that? If I did file one then what would be the possible outcome for him? Does it state he will be jailed etc if he doesn’t attend by “X” date?

No, you would have to file the motion. The penalty for contempt can vary, but it’s most likely not going to result in jail. It will depend on the facts and on the judge.