I got married, we bought a house, loan was in my name, deed in his. 9months later I moved out because he wouldn’t.
Knowing how he is, I didn’t know if he would make the mortgage payments so I took some jewelry of his for collateral.
As I expected he did not pay the mortgage on time or in full, some months he didnt pay at all. This is all in MY NAME, totally ruined my credit…
Now he says he’s going to serve me with papers because I stole his jewelry.
He owes me $800 for down payment ,when I moved out there were final bills that he did not help me pay,I had to pay them even though they were incurred when we were living together.

Can he take me to court about “stealing” his jewelry?
Can I counter for what he owes me?

This is not a criminal law forum, and stealing would constitute a crime, which I’m not going to give you advice about, but you would be best suited by bringing an action for equitable distribution and have him forced to move out of the house so you can reside there and begin making payments or in the least to get a division of assets that the court believes is fair, which may include a distributive award of money from him to you to cover what you believe you are owed.