Credit Card responsibility

My Ex-husband and I are legally divorced but we are not finished. We share a credit card where I am the authorized user…they have offered us a deal on the credit card to pay only half if we pay it in 90 days…If I am only an authorized user, am I responsible for this? I understand that next year I will be issued a 1099 for the unpaid difference and of course it goes against my credit. Thanks!

If the card debt has not be allocated to either of you as part of ED or a Separation Agreement and you are a joint debtor, yes you are equally responsible for the debt.

Also…I live in the primary home…We were refunded a property tax refund due to the sale of a condo that we owned…it came to primary home…in both our names…we still have a joint checking account…he just never said anything about closing it…NOW…can I deposit this check into our joint bank account…and legally take the money out and put into my own checking account without any crimes being committed??

Yes, it is not illegal for you to do so, but the money will be accounted for as part of Equitable Distribution.