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How does one request a Judge to order a paternity test after child support has been ordered? I believed I was the father of my ex’s child. I have evidence that she was engaged in marrital misconduct and I may not be the child’s actual father.

How does one prove criminal conversation and alienation of affection?


***1st of all, I’m not an attorney but have consulted with several to possibly pursue these charges against the adulterer involved w/ my wife, who happened to be married as well.

For the criminal conversation and alienation of affection you need to gather any and all documentation for proof. for example I have substantial communication between my wife and the AssH*@#. I have dozens of emails, 2000+ text sexting messages, phone records of dozens of conversations, 100+ inappropriate revealing picture mails, a private investigaor report with pics/video of them meeting @ the liquor store then 4 hours in hotel then dinner then back to hotel. all very detailed and obvious proof of their affair occuring while we lived together actively involved in our marriage and 3 children’s lives.

Reality is these are very expensive cases to file and take to trial, running $20,000 plus and there is no guarantee you will ever see a dime. The defendant has to be judgement proof which means they have to be wealthy to the point of substantial liquid assets. His/her Primary home, primary car, retirement funds and additionals can/will all be protected, so they have to have substantial money in savings for you to actualy see and funds from the damages awarded.

Just sharing my experience and the knowledge gained the past year dealing with my wife of 20 years having an affair with the old boyfriend from high school…compliments of Facebook :frowning:

Do your research and gather any/all sources of information/proof. My understanding is you have 3 years to file claim/charges from the date of their last encounter. be careful & advise an attorney if you are looking to add a spy program to the computer or cell phone! It will get yo any/all proof but in reality you may not want to see it…I did and it haunts me.

Many people have told me it’s not worth the money or headache…I am sorry you are going thru this…but if you are lucky enough that your spouse cheated with someone very wealthy I vote you nail them to the wall! Make them pay you for your pain & suffering!!!

If you already have a child support order in place, you should file a motion in the cause for testing and/or a motion for review and state the reasons for your concerns. You will likely still be required to pay support while the testing is pending, but you can ask that the support be held in a fund until paternity is established.

Criminal conversation and alienation of affections claims are all based on the evidence. If you are considering moving forward with a claim against a third party, you would be well-served by scheduling a consultation with an attorney in your jurisdiction to discuss all the evidence you have gathered to determine if you have a case worth pursuing.