Criminal Conversation / Alienation of Affection

Are months of telephone records and an audio recording of my wife admitting to an affair enough evidence to bring a case? My wife brought up the subject of a separation, but as yet we have not signed an agreement and are both in our home.

fyi - Audio recording is one I made of a conversation between my wife and I where I directly asked her about the affair and she admitted to it directly.

Hi Lee and friends, I want to thank you for helping get thru my divorce. I am now ready to start my new life, however there is one thing I have done because i understand that there is a statute of limitations and I dont want to regret this opportunity. I have filed an alienation of affection and criminal conversation complaint, It has been over 30 days and I dont believe the defendant has bothered to respond. I would like to know what is my next step. I filed pro see

An audio recording of a conversation that you were a party to is very good evidence, and is likely enough to prove that the affair happened, but with an alienation of affections claim, you also have to show that there was love and affection prior to the involvement of the third party.

As for the question about the next steps, you need to set the action for hearing.