Alienation of Affection

Several Questions Regarding A of A/Criminal Conversation Lawsuit

I’m being sued for A of A & Criminal Conversation by my lovers wife (they have legally separated, but he is still staying at the wife’s house most nights if not every night)

  1. Can she still pursue the lawsuit? How would I prove that he is still living in the house? She found out about the affair about 6 weeks ago and they didn’t file separation until approx 4 weeks after she found out - isn’t this proof that she knew and condoned the affair? Does her condoning the affair have any impact on the case.

  2. SHARE INFORMATION BETWEEN LAWSUITS: My husband (we are currently separated)is going to pursue a lawsuit against my lover. Can he use information from my lover’s wife’s lawsuit against me to assist him in the lawsuit against my lover?

  3. DEFENSE: Is there any defense against a case like this? I was pursued relentlessly, I tried to break it off numerous times. The entire time he told me he hasn’t loved his wife for 10 years, he was leaving his wife and that we would be together - I believed that how insane was that?

  4. PUNITIVE DAMAGES: I don’t have any assets besides my 401K, I still owe on my house & car. What is the punitive damages based on my current income? Assets?

  5. PREPAID LEGAL: I have heard these cases are expensive and I don’t have that type of money, should I sign up for prepaid legal - they say they will cover the lawsuit 100%???

Thanks for any advice!