Custody and Harrassment

I have two children and we verbally agreed to have split custody. I told him that we needed to review it after June. Ex keeps on declining to send my son back. There is nothing on paper. He is getting very verbally aggrasive with me and my son. My son stays with him in another state and is constantly telling me how much his father is not only verbally and emotional abusing towards him but also my son feels that my ex is taking the anger he feels toward me on my son in a physical matter. My son says if I do not get him out of his father’s house, he will be running away. My ex was very verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive towards me and my son while together and I’m getting concerned. I would like to get termporary custody of both of my children. My ex’s state of mind is not there since he is constantly not only harrassing me but by new beau; video taping us, we park away from him and he stills walks over to our car, recording and instigating arguments. What can I do?

You need to file an action for emergency custody in the state where they are residing.

What about my daughter? She lives with me. And the harrasment?

I don’t think your response was towards my question. My questions is: what can I do about getting custody of my daughter and the harrassment from my ex?

You may file an action in NC for custody of your daughter, but it may be necessary if he has not threatened to take her. If you fear for your physical safety you may seek a domestic violence restraining order against him. If however his harassment does not rise to that level you may file a harassment report with your local police department.