Custody and the long look


the days during the week is probably not a overnight, you will probably have to take the child back home at a certain time. and all this has an effect on child support also.


The parenting agreement that I currently have in place (even though it is not being followed…long story) has similar parameters. My ex has my son every other weekend and every Thursday. She is responsible for getting him to the next place of exchange. On school days, it is the school, on non-school days it is my house. It is in the agreement which school he is to attend. We too live approx 30 miles apart and this is a big inconvenience, but i guess that is one of the costs of divorce.


Im going threw a cusody fight and have been offered basickly 45% and joint cusody. The way it works is I’ll see my daughter every other weekend fri-sunday night and one night on the week I have her on the weekend and two nights on the other. Plus 2 weeks in the summer and every other holiday. Issue Im concern with is in the long run for school would this cause me to loose any chance of having her school? Also, since we live apx 20-25min apart when school starts is there a good chance of loosing my time granted.? thanks[B)]