Custody Arrangements

My husband ( who met when his kids were 5 & 3) and his exwife split the week. It works our because my husband is in retail and doesn’t have weekends free. With the kids in school, we have Monday after school through taking them to school on Fridays mornings. She gets two full weeks in the summer and one over Christmas break. It doesn’t even out to the exact even nights, but it is within the 50/50 split on the worksheet. We are able to communicate and work with each other for the most part and the kids seem to be flourishing with this arrangement. The kids (who are now 7 & 9) are speaking up for when they want to stay with us (sleepobers with friends since momma lives 45 minutes away. It sucks sometimes because we get all the “serious” stuff (school) and the momma gets the “fun” stuff. But it does allow them to be involved in afterschool activities like cheer, karate, and Awanas. It is our comprise for now… as the kids get older they will adjust the schedule to fit their life. I hope this helps.

We have every Wed and Thurs nite and every other week, Wed nite until Monday a.m. During summers we alternate weeks - this is easier because of summer camps.

I’m just looking for some suggestions on custody arrangements. Until a few months ago, both my STBX & I thought that shuffling back & forth was too much for young children (ages 5 & 3). Now that he sees how much child support he’d have to pay, he wants 50/50. We’ve tried a week at a time, and that just seems to be too long. What are some other alternatives that people have had success with?