Custody question, sleep-overs

I am separated one year. I have a 5 year old son. Wife and I have joint custody. I was awarded primary residence so he lives with me most of the time. She has him two weekends a month. This is a written custody agreement that was ordered and singed buy a Judge after a custody trial. I also have a signed separation agreement. There is nothing in the custody order about sleep overs.

I an considering having a fried I have been dating visit and spend the night she (lives out of town). She would be bringing her son too and not be sleeping in the same bed as I nor the same room. I think its to early for my son to be confronted with any situation like this at this time.

My questions are,
1- Can I have any over night quests of the opposite sex, in regards to custody?
2- Would it be any different after I an divorced?
3- I know I am still legally married but could this cause me problems with custody?
4- Would it be any different after I an divorced?

If your order does not specifically disallow overnight guests you may have your friend spend the night. Divorce will not affect this, and custody has already been determined.