Custody Question

Is “reasonable visitation” as stated in a custody decree actually legal in the State of North Carolina? I know many states will not allow this and/or have modified their laws that visitation must be clearly defined, due to the fact that what one party considers “reasonable”, leaves way too much open for interpretation.

Yes, you can just have “reasonable visitation” in NC. If you feel that your ex is not being reasonable in visitations, then you can file for contempt and put on evidence showing the requested visitations you have made and how they were denied unreasonably. It will be up to the judge as to whether or not contempt has occurred.

I have done this in the past and the Judge went so far as demand my ex check the children out of school that day so I could see them. However, in no time at all, it goes back to me not getting to see the kids again. I file a complaint, and we start this vicious circle again. This has been going on for over 10 years and it seems something could be done by the court to assure I get to see my kids. I haven’t had Christmas with them since 1998. If I don’t pay child support, I can go to jail. But, despite the fact that I legally cannot be denied visitation, no law enforcement agency will enforce this, and apparently, neither will the courts. It seems as if there is a double standard here.