"Reasonable" Visitation


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How are visitation rights determined?
In general,


Thanks for the reply stepmom, but I am trying to find a little more specific info in regards to N.C.'s laws. From my understanding, many states are now not allowed to grant “reasonable visitiation” as they have found that there are often disputes between the parents as to what IS “reasonable”. In addition, no one can actually enforce the order for visitation, as “reasonable” is usually not defined in legal statutes. Children’s Services and law enforcement are not willing to take a stand in determining if one parent’s request is reasonable or not when there is a dispute.


Ugh! Guess I never thought about it that way. Hopefully, Janet can answer this one. I’d like to know myself.


Does North Carolina have “reasonable visitation” defined in it’s statutes, and is it permissible to issue this kind of visitation in N.C.? The state in which I live does not allow the court to grant “reasonable visitation” due to the fact it is not defined in their family law statutes and cannot be enforced.