REPOST: "reasonable visitation"


As far as I know, there is nothing specific in N.C. state law about “reasonable visitation.” The guiding light in our state law is the murky “best interest of the child” line. Most judges in N.C. think that giving fathers visits every other weekend is both “reasonable” and in “the best interest of the child.”


Unfortunately, I don’t even get that. Try two weeks a year, if I’m lucky. Thanks for your input, but I really need some specifics here. Some states have made changed their laws that they can no longer use “reasonable visitation” in an order. I need to know if North Carolina is one of them or not.


What are N.C.'s rules regarding “reasonable” visitation? Some states no longer allow “reasonable visitation” to be awarded because “reasonable” is not defined and is impossible to enforce under their state’s laws. Can you give me some information on this?