I was living in NC with my husband (seperated since April). There was an assault charge because of domestic violence. I got a restraining order and temp custody of our girls for 1 year. The girls and I moved back up to MA where both our families are. He verbally agreed. I have let the girls visit with his family up here and he seen the girls for 2 weeks in July which he isnt happy about. He said I dont let him see his kids. Which I do he can come up here whenever he wants, I dont have a car currently to drive them 1/2 way.

Now, he has a lawyer and said he is bringing me to court for custody. Do I have to get a NC or MA lawyer? Can he get custody even though the restraining order says i have temp full custody for 1 year? Am I going to have to move back down there? They are already established in school here etc. He also said his lawyers said he will get them every school vacation, every holiday and all summer every year… Is that possible? That seems very unfair to me… He has given me no child support and ?s the girls EVERYTIME they talk on the phone. He said since you are on depression medicine and dont have a job right now then I am an unfit mother. Is this all true?

Please help me I am soo lost and confused. I dont want to lose my girls.

The DVPO is meant to award temporary custody only, a regular action still needs to be commenced. If he is filing in NC for custody, then you need a NC attorney. I would not recommend getting involved in custody litigation without the assistance of counsel. I would plan to make a consultation, over the phone probably in your case, with an attorney here to create a plan of action for you.