Virginia To North Carolina EMERGENCY

Custody orders don’t change from state to state. If that were the case everyone would move with their kids to the state with the most favorable terms. All she can do is move–provided there isn’t anything in her seperation saying she cannot leave the state–and bring all of her documentation with her, to obtain a new restraining order. But she can’t disappear: Then she’s abducting with the kids. Have her go to the social services office in her county and advise them of her intention to move, and see what they suggest. If he is denied calls and visits, then I don’t see what the point would be for her to remain in the state?

My sister was given physical custody and joint legal custody of her children in June. The father was issued a restraining order and violated it a few times. Although he paid child support and visited very often, he was calling the kids up to 10 times a day, only to find out what mom was doing. 6 weeks ago he called and threatened my sister’s life and then told the oldest child (10 years old) that he was going to need to keep his sister away from the windows cause their dad was gonna kill their mom. My sister took her 10 year old to the magistrate and they arrested his dad. He has been locked up on no bond since. My sisters protection order was extended and violated, but the judge refused to issue a protective order against him for the kids, although he did say no phone calls or visits. Their dad is due to be in court for the violation of restraining order December 8 and for custody on December 14. Here is the problem. My sister is losing her house. She has until next week to move out, they shut her water off yesterday. I have invited her to come here with the kids. She is a nurse, not much trouble finding a new job here and starting over, but there it is almost impossible. What would happen if she moved to NC and filed for custody here immediately? What can she do? She can’t afford anything right now, trying to get electric and water turned back on. She has a job, but the house is going to be padlocked on November 22. Helppppp!