My boyfriend and his ex-wife already have a custody order signed and signed off on by the judge. The Family Case Coordinator set a court date in December for this exact same thing, Can the Family Case coordinator just be sent the signed documentation to save a court date or is it possible this court date will have to take place?


Your boyfriend should contact the case coordinator to ask why it has been calendared and bring the court order to her attention so that she removes it from the calendar. This can avoid a trip down to the courthouse for calendar call.


He can do this without his lawyers consent correct? He has asked her repeatedly to let the case coordinator know and gets no response from his lawyer.


If your boyfriend has an attorney, he should go through that person for all communications with the court. If the attorney is being unresponsive, your boyfriend should consider hiring new counsel. If the matter is settled and only small issues remain, he could also ask his attorney to withdraw so that he can represent himself in these types of matters.