SA signed - w/o Consent Order - more Court Dates?

Erin -

We have a signed SA. Never got before a judge. We have a Civil Case (ED, Custody, etc).
The judge’s coordinator wrote me after I gave her the SA that we have no more Court dates.

Then months later, she informs me that since I never signed a consent order making the SA a court order,
that I had to appear in court for an upcoming court date.
This court date was one of the original court dates in our case.
However she told me “you have NO more court dates on the calendar” after we signed the SA.

What gives ?

I represent myself. So I do not know all the legal side.

IF I have a case filed, is it a requirement to make my SA a court order by consent order to officially satisfy the courts that the case can be closed ?
IF so, do you think this judge’s coordinator assumed I knew that and would take care of that ?

I have no idea why. I don’t understand why you have claims pending if you have executed an Agreement. Agreements are not required to be incorporated into the divorce decree.