Ok - Please help -
I filed for divorce from my wife - she got an attorney filed a 30 day motion - The 30 days is up I did not receive any paper work from her so I called family court today to get a date for the divorce. Was told by family court that I MISSED a court date on 5/13/2011 - That I was mailed her reply last month and I signed for the letter! On my daughters life I did not recieve or sign for any paper work! What are my rights now? I think my signature was forged by her attorneys office! Spoke with my soon to be ex- who states there are two more court dates coming up?? What kind of date would I have missed?? Driving now to pick up the paper work from the clerks office -


I have no idea what court date you missed, nor can I tell without knowing what she filed in response to your divorce.


The court date was for an orientation about seperation? She has filed a court date for August to determine custody and child support - and in July a date for Post Seperation Support?? Can you explain post seperation support? Family court will not give me a date for the divorce? I thought I could go ahead with my divorce before all of this??


Maybe it was custody orientation? There is no such thing as separation orientation.
Post-separation support is temporary Alimony.
You should be able to set your divorce hearing as divorce can proceed once 30 days have passed since she was served.


Family Court will NOT give me a date!! I don’t understand or know how to move forward??


Ask them why they will not give you a date.


They said they will not give me a divorce court date until the other hearings are finished!! IE; spousal support, child custody, etc…


I cannot understand why that is. So long as you have been separated for over a year and have properly filed your claim for divorce, the same can be set for hearing and granted.