Dear craig:

Greetings. Yes, I think that the judges today recognize that both parents are vital to the healthy growth and maturing of children (as long as both parents are mentally healthy of course). I would hire an attorney and let them try to negotiate on your behalf BEFORE you consider filing in court. The attorney may be able to save you some funds long term. Thank you.

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hi my wife makes 12,000 a year more than I plus living with her mother now scott free Im left maintaining the household I asked my wife why was it so hard for me to have my son at least 3 nights a week her exact words were she did not want to be away from him that long. there is no father figure there where she is at now just her my son and her mother. this is the 3rd time shes left with my son and ran to her moms every time she does not get her way. I feel she just wanted to go back to be mothers little girl again. also she has always used our son as leverage against me and I have always been a good father to our son. Are judges allowing more time with the chidren to fathers now than say 10 or 20years ago? what should I do under these unfair circumstances?