My husband and I seperated recently. He had an affair with a woman for several months at least and when I confronted him about it he admitted it and we agreed to seperate and divorce. I have some proof of the relationship. Neither of us was happy and we had been staying in seperate rooms for about a year. What are my chances as the mother with the steady income to get complete custody of our 9 year old daughter…he is able to survive on his own and had money to spend on another as long as I was paying the important bills, but I dont think his income is great right now…part time work, never has been more than that. Either my mom or I have provided most of what she has had for all of her life. I have been trying to get him to give my daughter time to adjust as she is very attached to me,and not to force her into visiting him without me, but he is starting to push. I understand his need to see her and am not trying to take that away. When he left I told him he could visit her ANYTIME he wanted. He says he doesnt want to visit at the house. I feel that I need complete custody that will enable me to dictate that he not force her. I am perfectly willing to let her go as often as she wants and to encourage her to do so.Will a seperation agreement thru a lawyer help me or do I have to wait for divorce court? Does complete custody exist when a parent is financially unable to provide a decent lifestyle?Thanks