Custody lawsuit

I have filed for full custody of my 9 year old daughter. After the separation, my ex husband and I had joint custody, he having her a bit more because of my work schedule. I am changing that schedule to work much less. He has let her get off the bus after school and be home alone for a few minutes to a few hours quite a few times when she was 8. He also has not brought her to the dentist or doctor’s until after he was served. He constantly interferes with our(my daughter and my)time together, lies constantly, and makes empty promises to her. I found out they are sleeping in his bed every night she is with him. This sickens me. I have proof with witness letters, medical/dental histories, phone bills, etc… I also have a recorded conversation of him lying and admitting to keeping me uninformed of my daughter’s extracurricular activities and well being (which our sep. agreement stated he has to). He took her out of school to visit his parents in another state and also out of school (because she was sick)then took her to practice baseball.
I am consumed with this looming court case, even though I don’t yet have a date. I am worried that I don’t have enough proof to get her into a loving, safe home and out of his.
If there is anyone who went through this and has any insight or info, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!!