Daddy took the Babies and has kept Mommy from them

I am tired of not knowing what to do or where to turn! I was the primary care-giver of my Twins, 2yrs. old and my 4yr. old, since April 20th, 2009. Dad was no longer allowed in or around the home. We were able to agree on alternating weekends for him to have visitation. This went on for months with little to no Childsupport from him. I pursued Child Support Enforcement and was given a court date for the folllowing year on or about March 2010. On January 29, 2010 as was the date for their weekend with their Dad, we met and He took the Babies. I received a phonecall from him that evening saying, “The kids are with me now and this is where they will stay, if you (Mommy) want to know anything about how they are you will have to contact the ______ Co. Department of Social Services or call the Sheriffs office”. For over a month I was unable to talk to my Babies or even see them. I was completely alienated from them. I have kept record of dates and times that I have called to speak to my babies and even asked to see them. Since Jan, 29. I have had three visits in a designated public place arranged by him(Daddy) at his discretion. He has taken them away from me and their older three siblings. Sometimes I can talk to them at length and other times he will cut us off. I have just received a Complaint for Absolute Divorce but fear that if I agree to this I will have no hope for getting Rights to my Babies ever again. He has an Attorney and has had one for a while, yet I cannot afford one. Please help.
A heartbroken Mommy.

The divorce does not affect custody. I strongly suggest that you file an action for child custody to regain time with your children.

Really? You mean there is something I can actually do?? I have become almost hopeless… I attended the Partners in Parenting class last week and got this website. I heard something else about a Temporary Parenting Agreement. I am just not sure where to start and he has already attempted to get me to agree with his attorney in the past but what they proposed is what I already have…NOTHING! I’m not willing to be tricked into something that they sent me that is all wordy and find out that I have been duked out of something I could obtain before a Judge. I have searched all over for some sort of Pro-bono help or some sort of Attorney service that would work with me, I have hardly any income. But to no avail. I need to do something because I want to be able to freely hug, kiss and nurture my little babies again. And my other three children are emotionally hurt by not being able to see their baby brothers and sister. It is so wrong the way this has been able to go on like this. I need help!

Unless there is some reason the children were removed from your home, a DSS investigation pending that requires the children reside with someone other than you, or a court order granting your husband custody, you have every right to see and have custody of your children.

If there is no suit currently pending you may file suit for custody, include a claim for temporary custody and schedule a hearing to have the judge set up a schedule for custody.

You may want to see if Legal Aid in your county has the ability to help you.