For the past few months my husband has made a big change when entering a new job. He’s been smoking and drinking behind my back and coming home 1 to 2 in the moring when going out with friends showing no respect as a parent and a husband. He has been extremely verbally and mentally abusive to me and my two year old son. I would like him to get some councilling with me because I still love him, but he is so lost in having his freedom and doing everything his single friends do. My question is if I file for separation and I have proof of my husbands mental and verbal abuse can I get full custody of my son because I simply don’t trust him. As for visitation right I will not mind him visiting his son but only under my supervision because my son is alittle scared of him also. It’s sad because my husband was never like this. We have been married for two and half years but we were together for over five years.

Linda Rosario