Our parenting agreement states

No introduction to dating partners for one year after the seperation agreement was signed. I abided by this. It futher states, no overnight guests of the opposite sex then to continue after one year that the divorce is signed (basically two years of my life). I have met someone who I am very serious with and we are engaged. We wanted to live together but due to my parenting agreement, I cannot until October of this year. What are my chances that a judge will after this time will lift this portion of my agreement and allow me to live my life. It’s now 2011, we seperated in 2009, got divorced in 2010.

If you voluntarily signed the agreement, then I don’t see why a judge would change it. If you and the new guy are truly meant to be, then he will still be there in October. This will also give your children more time with you focusing on what is best for them and making sure this new guy is ‘the one’ before moving them into a home with him.

Personally, having gone through a separation/divorce myself, I wonder if less than a year of being single has given you the time alone to heal from the first relationship. I have been separated for 8 months now and won’t even consider dating someone else.

Best of luck to you and the kids. My prayers are with you.

Thank you for your response, actually it’s been a year and 7 months that I am divorced. and have known my partner since 2005. But I see what your saying and of course time is on our side and we all want what is best for the children.