Separation Agreement and Dating

I just today have recieved my signed separation papers from my husband which I signed about a month ago… We have been separated since April 13, 2010. In the sep. agreement it has the " Molestation" clause but no clause regarding 3rd party waiver…Is it okay for me to start dating other people? Will there be any legal reamifications or problems in divorce for either myself or a 3rd party?? I just want to make sure that I have all my bases covered here.

You may date, and your property settlement and separation agreement will not be affected. If however, your ex can prove that the person you are now dating was a romantic part of your life prior to your separation, a cause of action against that person can be commenced.

Would dating post separation have any effect on child custody if this has been decided in the separation agreement… Could my husband try to “take” my kids just because I am seeing someone.

No, unless the person you are seeing is a danger to the children.