Debt Responsibility


My spouse is saying that she is taking full responsibility for all unsecured debt that she has acquired in abandoning the relationship; that is, since moving out. However, she refuses to disclose the debtor details and the amounts owed so that these may be detailed in the separation agreement. Her rationale is that I will shame her indefinitely for it. My understanding is around accountability. How can I know that she has violated the agreement if these details are not made plain? She wants to merely express it as ALL debt subsequent to her move out date. Is that adequate?

Can someone please offer some response? [posted on 04-15-2015]


It is always best from an enforceability standpoint if the agreement can be as explicit as possible with regard to who is responsible for paying which debts, and the amounts. If she is doesn’t want to disclose amounts, perhaps you can at least get her to provide a credit report that would show open accounts in her name? That way you can be sure that all open accounts are addressed in the agreement.