Decision making


We have joint legal custody of my son. The order gives mom the final decision making authority in the case we do not agree. We are required to consult with each other and consider each others input before making any decisions.

I have had an ongoing problem with mom making decisions without my input at all. In most cases these are medical decisions. I took my x to court on this and the judge determined that in these cases the decision is not being made by mom but rather by the doctor.

Here is the most recent example of what I am going through:

We have been told to take our son to a counselor on a weekly basis. (1 hour session)

I have been taking our son during my week but mom has not been taking him on hers for months now. (end result he is only going every other week)

We have been going back and forth about this. I have been siting that she is not following his treatment plan. She has been stating that it is a waste of time and money.

Last week I had an appointment scheduled, as I normally do. My x and her husband showed up and asked to speak to the counselor. It is not unusual for the counselor to speak with the parent for a few minutes before his session about things going on at home etc. While I sat in the lobby with our son, my x and her husband talked to the couselor in private for 45-50 min of the appointment. The counselor spent the last few min with my son but did not have time to explain to me what was going on because she had another client showing up in a few minutes.

I have just now been informed (I reqeusted the counselor call me) that while I sat in the lobby they changed my sons treatment plan to bi-weekly rather than every week without any input from me at all.

I am sure that they will argue this decision was made by the counselor not mom.

I am aware as a customer I can address this with the counselor.

Is there anything I can do about this from a legal perspective?


First you need to find out what the counselor said, and if it was a decision made by her, or by mom, if it was the later, you can file another motion for contempt.