My spouse is quit-claiming the house to myself. Her attorney is preparing the qcd. Who is responsible for filing it with Register of Deeds office, Grantor or Grantee?
Also she was to pickup her remaining items in storage at the house on a specified date on the consent judgement. She just took what she wanted and left alot of items, all her premarital belongings. I have told her and the paralegal she needs to remove these items but they say she got what she wanted. Would she be required to remove her stuff before I submit the check? Could I state that I wont submit the check until all her premarital items are removed, I feel I shouldn’t be responsible for disposing of her things.

Either party may record the deed, but it is usually the Grantee that does so.
With respect to her things, I suggest you tell her she has until a certain date to get them, otherwise you will have them removed and send her the bill.

Would I have the right to refuse payment for buying her part out of the house until she removes her belongings? I told her attorney paralegal that she needs to remove her stuff, but she says she got what she wanted.
I explained that its all her pre-marital items though.

No, each provision of the Order is separate, they are not contingent on one another.