Delegating Visitation During Deployments

First off I’d like to thank you for answering my questions in the past. It have been very helpful.

I saw in the statutes (§ 50‑13.7A) where I can, for lack of a better term delegate my visitation to a family member with a close and substantial relationship. And that this can be expedited. I am wondering what kind of motion do I need to file? My STBX lives in another state and about 30 miles from my parents. I would like to delegate my visitation to them while I am on an upcoming deployment.

I have one more question: How do I need to inform the court that I am deploying so that I may be allowed to communication to the court via electronic communications. I have a motion to show cause for my STBX denying me visitation filed and am awaiting my court date, but will be deploying very soon after that. And it seems that she will be denying me visitation with our son during my last time I can see him before I deploy. Thus I would like to file another motion to show cause if she does, but I am running out of time in the states.


The statute says that the court may delegate the parent’s visitation rights if doing so is in the best interests of the child.

You may file your motion pursuant to 50-13.7A and seek an order allowing for delegation of visitation, and seeking an order regarding electronic communication during your absence.