Destruction of assets after physical separation


Dear Perplexedex:

Greetings. First, this is his separate debt since he created it after the date of separation. If the funds existed on the date of separation and he spent them, then he still owes you half.

Now, I also advise ALL of my clients not to mess with someone’s employment. It would be crazy to assume that if he can make money at the endeavor that you would jeopardize the same. I know you are angry, but I would ensure that you make wise decisions on how to react to the pain he has caused you. Good luck and keep your head up.

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I’m about to file for divorce from B&B & ED citing waste of marital assets among other things… I hope I do not end up sharing any responsibility for the debt he generated! I pleaded with him constantly to stop wasting money and accumulating debt.

Anyway, my husband signed a contract with an internet business for over $7,700 soon after we separated (a completely unjustified, frivolous debt). The contract says that he agrees that “Your spouse or any other partner(s) support you in entering into this Enrollment Agreement.” Can I call these people and tell them to cancel the contract, or are there other remedies? He will say he “can’t afford” to pay postseparation support even though he will be obligated to, and this is an example of what he means when he says this.