Disability and Child Support

I receive Social Security Disability. Because it is for mental health issues my ex-wife has always been the direct recipient of additional payments for my children. Since our separation and divorce, although child support was listed in the initial custody claim there has never been any agreement or ruling regarding the support. According to the NC child support calendar, she is receiving nearly double what my obligation would be. I’m not interested at all in reducing that or anything, but considering the very hostile approach my ex-wife continues to take in all custody matters, should I pursue having a child support agreement in the case so that there will be a record of the support she has been receiving? Would I do that by making a motion for modification of child support since child support was included in the first claim but never addressed, or do I need to file a new claim or make a different motion?

Also, would the RosenOnline service offered be able to help me with filing appeals in custody matters, or is that generally beyond the scope of the service?

If there is no order for child support then you would need to file one, and if there is an order for custody, but you don’t like it, then you would file a motion to modify on the custody portion. Rosen Online could help you with those filings, and is a great source for information and answers to specific questions. Remember, representing yourself is time consuming and takes a significant commitment on your part.