Divorce Filing, Lawsuit in Process, Buying Property

We are separated a year and a week, filed divorce complaint to make it official that is pending. Does it take 30 days or longer to be signed by a Judge?

There is a lawsuit still in process for child support, alimony, pss, distribution of assets. Waiting for a court date.

Can I buy a home after the Divorce is signed by the Judge and do it only in my name not my wife?

I understand that anything before that she would have to sign agreeing to not have property in her name, she will not do that.

But if the divorce degree is approved does that mean I am now legally FREE to purchase property in my name only?

Yes, it usually takes more than 30 days to proceed on your complaint for divorce. You can refer to our site for more information on the specifics about divorce and the process.

After the divorce is granted, yes, you can buy property without your spouse’s name without any problems. Make sure the funds you use are not marital so as to further complicate the pending issues you have in court.