Divorce finalized but


Ok I’ll try to make this short. My fiancee got a divorce in Mecklenburg county it was granted December 30,2014. His ex hid the kids since September and just recently let him Start visiting them again on weekends. Last October we filed absolute divorce and for joint custody. We were unsuccessful at serving her either set of papers and ultimately ended up using service by publication. The court mailed a copy to her last known address of the final divorce. Which she claims she never got but it didn’t ever come back either. My fiancee and I are set to get married on February 1st. We already have our marriage license. Now she found out that we are set to get married she is trying to say she will stop our wedding by saying that their separation date was not accurate which it was because that is the date he changed his drivers license. To me it’s a he said she said thing nothing was an issue until she found out about our wedding. Can she do anything at this point? they were separated before I met him and also we know for a fact the date of separation is correct. P.s she just had a baby born in November that was fathered by her now ex boyfriend (not ,by my fiancee)


Once the divorce judgement is signed by the judge, it is a final court order. Your fiance’s ex would have to file notice of appeal of the order within 30 days of the order being issued (it sounds like yours was issued on 12/30). If 30 days passes before she files a notice of appeal, then she subsequently loses her right to do so and the divorce judgement stays in effect.