How soon can I get married


Thanks in advance for your help.
I just got divorce a week ago, and I was wondering is there a 30 days waiting period for an appeal that I have to wait till I can get married again, or that 30 days is just if she want to appeal the court judgment.
Please help, because I waited more than a year, and I think that’s enough for me.

You may get married now, there is no waiting period at all once the divorce has been signed by the judge.

Thank you so much for your answer. Do you have any idea about the 30 days period. because I’m trying to get married in another country, and they asked me to bring them a proof that as of today no appeal has been filed. When I asked the people at the court, they said there’s a 30 days waiting period for an appeal, and they refused to give me such a proof.

Thanks a lot again for your help.

An appeal can be filed 30 days after judgment, however if there are no grounds for appeal (the divorce was procedurally correct) there are no grounds for appeal. I cannot advise you on the law in the other country, but I am not sure how you are expected to prove a negative, ie the non existence of an appeal.